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X3 Money

X3Money is the ideal solution for payment and sending money (transfers) institutions, as well as companies that engage in the purchase and sale of currency - currency exchange management. X3Money, automates the operations inherent to currency exchange houses, with tight integration with accounting and respecting the compliance rules required by the national banks of each country.

Based on the SAFE platform of Sage ERP X3, it includes multi-currency, multi-site, multi-legislation - an integrated and robust solution, for running your business.

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The access to information via web is increasing in our day-to-day. Making contents available and sharing B2B information not only help speeding up processes but also reduce redundant tasks in companies.

Recognising this concept, F5IT currently provides a way to access and share B2B information by using SAGE ERP X3 Web Service. This dynamic and safe solution enables the integration and communication of different applications by using a universal language, the "XML". The functionalities publication is performed in a simple way and it is completely isolated from the databases.

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Electronic Invoicing

Generalising the use of electronic invoice is a major goal for national economy. The huge volumes of issued, received and processed invoices, the costs associated with their manual processing and the ubiquity and capacity of computer systems and current communications networks are factors that suggest the inevitable dematerialisation of these commercial and fiscal information flows.

Its use is a natural way to simplify and improve processes; it encourages technological evolution and prepares companies for the increasing dematerialization of their partners’ relationships, for the routine use of Internet in business processes and for the Electronic Commerce in general.

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Cash Management

The Management of Cash Forecasts is one of the most valuable instruments for any company. Thus, an optimal management of the company's financial resources always ends in a positive outcome for the organisation.

The possibility of this values follow-up, in real time, helps any head of finances in the quick and correct decision-making on issues that were difficult to predict before.

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Helpdesk Management System

The management of implementation projects of SAGE X3-like information systems or the several applications that are made to the IT department of the company (which can be adapted to other company areas), is sometimes difficult to manage and follow by the teams on the ground and by the Project Manager on the customer and service supplier side.

Taking into account the different requests in this area, F5IT has developed in SAGE X3, the HelpDesk Management System, which allows users to place their requests, starting a workflow process with different authorisation levels to the participants on the request.

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Routes Optimization

The route management in a distribution company, when incorrectly managed can mean additional expenses, wasted time and fuel, wear of the company's assets and often the customers’ dissatisfaction.

Therefore, integrated in SAGE ERP X3 product, F5IT developed functionalities to support the routes management, both in operational and financial perspective.

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Cars Fleet Management

The X3Fleets is a Sage ERP X3 vertical for cars fleet management and distribution companies. Is the best solution to manage all information relating to vehicles, drivers, routes and related costs/revenues for each distribution route.

The X3Fleets can work directly in your production folder (distribution companies), or as stand alone folder for fleet companies.

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